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App + Web Design + Branding

Koffie is an app that connects coffee enthusiasts with the best cafes. It allows users to save and rate different shops, evaluate them on various factors, and build a network of friends for sharing and receiving recommendations. Koffee was in need of brand, app, and website design. 

koffie landing page.png

I began the project by designing the brand identity, incorporating an easily recognizable map pin with a coffee bean to create a distinctive logo. Using a unique, hand-drawn icon style, I ensured the brand's character and uniqueness stood out against the competition. The final screen designs feature a blend of sleek aesthetics and vibrant color combinations.

I then defined the UX of the app by identifying essential screens for its functionality and crafting a user flow that best served the end user. Then, I seamlessly integrated the branding I developed into the screens, ensuring a cohesive user experience aligned with the app's identity.

Koffie Logo Primary.png
Koffie App Store Icon Reversed.png
Koffie Style Tile.png

Visual Design

Applied Filter Map Search.png
baseball cap.png
office door.png
Branding Mockup.webp
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