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My role on this project for Innovation Meets Leadership was to design and build out a site for my client, who is a business and leadership consultant. 

I worked independently on this project and was responsible for research, overall site design, and branding for the site.


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The goal of this project was to create a site that would attract new clients for my client. This entailed creating a brand identity that was unique and fun, but at the same time professional. 

The goal of the site was to give information about the services my client provides, and gain information about her prospective clients, so she could better recommend her services to them. 

Additionally, she wanted to create a strong brand for herself including blog posts, videos, and even a podcast. 


My goal was to learn the business consulting online landscape.

My research goals:

  1. Define common design practices on business consulting websites

  2. Figure out what for what reward consumers would give up their personal information. 

  3. Determine the best ways to organize service offerings and pricing.

Through my research I figured out a couple of things. I realized that many business consulting sites look pretty similar, and do not have a whole lot of the personality. My client was interested in the idea of incorporating hand drawn illustrations into her site to set her apart. 

Additionally, I wanted to incorporate earned data into the design, so the prospect gets something as "a reward" for giving their information. 


When starting the wireframing process, first created a sitemap to list out all the necessary pages we would need on the site. 

The most important messages of the site were this: Who we are, what we do, how we can help you. 

The goal of the site is to spread information about the services offerings of the client, so I made that the front and center message of the site. 

I started the project with a series of low-fidelity wireframes so the client could make whatever changes she wanted without feeling she was forcing me to scrap a bunch of hard work. 

These drawings are rough and allowed her to tell me anything she wanted to change before we got too far down the wrong path. 

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The next step in the process was creating a set of more "cleaned up" wireframes. These are still very simple, but helped my client get a more holisic view of what the layout and organization of the site may look like. 

This step in the process was helpful to ensure we were not forgetting any important elements, and testing how simple it was to find the most important information on the site. 

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The client started the project with an existing black and white logo. My role was to create a color scheme that felt professional, but also stood out amongst competitors. 

I chose a color scheme with orange and tangerines, and incorporated light blues into the mix for some contrast. 

I chose a sans serif typeface that conveys professionalism and simplicity to contrast with the more playful colors and illustrations. 

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To entice site visitors to interact with content on the site, I created an assessment to capture their attention, and earn their information, like email address and company name. 

To create the assessment, I took my client's assessment questions and gave each answer a specific score. 

I set up the quiz using conditional logic to group the assessment respondents into different levels based on their quiz answers. 

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I styled the quiz to match the site and chose a "card" layout so it would be easy and not overwhelming for respondents to flip through and take the quiz. Additionally, this layout lent a clean look to the page. 

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Finally, the site came together with a combination of bright imagery, bold colors, and sleek typefaces to contrast with the more playful nature of the site.

The main focus is the Innovation Index - to direct site visitors to take the assessment and gain access to their info, to continue speaking with them about how my client's work could help their business. 

Clearly laid out on the site are the service offerings, educational resources, and the mission of the company.