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My role on this project for BEVVO is to serve as designer for UI/UX, branding, packaging, and social media. 

I came onto the team to assist with all creative needs and have used my skills in illustration throughout the project to really set the brand apart from the competitors.


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The goal of this project was to create a marketing and branding for BEVVO to convey this luxury product to consumers. 

To do this, we worked to create custom packaging and a premium unboxing experience to go above and beyond the usual, run of the mill water bottle or blender packaging. 

We also wanted this to be translated across social media and on the website to create a cohesive brand identity. 


My goal was to learn the business consulting online landscape.

My research goals:

  1. Define different aesthetic options and directions in which to take the brand

  2. Look at how other similar brands organize information on their site, and how to set us apart

  3. Determine the most effective ways to call consumers to action and share their new BEVVO blender on social media


When we started working together, BEVVO did not have defined brand guidelines. One of my first tasks was putting together brand colors, a type system, and imagery to be used across the brand. 

Since we were to be designing packaging, we needed to get it right before things were printed, since that cannot be edited after it leaves the printer. 

The client was looking for a color system that was simple and modern, and didn't seem overly masculine or feminine. Eventually we landed on a color scheme that is relatively muted, but lends itself to feeling clean and fresh. 


One of the largest parts of this project was creating dielines for the product. I worked from guidelines supplied by the printer, and created custom dielines for the blenders, but also the accessory boxes. 

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BEVVO Blender Package- Black-01.png





The next step in the process was creating a set of more "cleaned up" wireframes. These are still very simple, but helped my client get a more holisic view of what the layout and organization of the site may look like. 

This step in the process was helpful to ensure we were not forgetting any important elements, and testing how simple it was to find the most important information on the site. 


The client started the project with an existing black and white logo. My role was to create a color scheme that felt professional, but also stood out amongst competitors. 

I chose a color scheme with orange and tangerines, and incorporated light blues into the mix for some contrast. 

I chose a sans serif typeface that conveys professionalism and simplicity to contrast with the more playful colors and illustrations. 

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To entice site visitors to interact with content on the site, I created an assessment to capture their attention, and earn their information, like email address and company name. 

To create the assessment, I took my client's assessment questions and gave each answer a specific score. 

I set up the quiz using conditional logic to group the assessment respondents into different levels based on their quiz answers. 

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I styled the quiz to match the site and chose a "card" layout so it would be easy and not overwhelming for respondents to flip through and take the quiz. Additionally, this layout lent a clean look to the page. 

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Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 5.40.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 5.41.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 4.08.04 PM.png


Finally, the site came together with a combination of bright imagery, bold colors, and sleek typefaces to contrast with the more playful nature of the site.

The main focus is the Innovation Index - to direct site visitors to take the assessment and gain access to their info, to continue speaking with them about how my client's work could help their business. 

Clearly laid out on the site are the service offerings, educational resources, and the mission of the company.